Digital Radiography

We have recently upgraded our main radiography (x-ray) suite to digital xray . This new system integrates the most technological advances in veterinary radiology right to Muskoka Animal Hospital. We are very excited about the benefits of digital radiography to our patients and clients. With digital radiography, xray images are captured on a digital screen similar to your own digital camera. We are able to experience improved image quality resulting in a higher degree of diagnostic capability for our doctors when interpreting the results. Our images are clearer and more precise.

Digital radiography allows us to take the necessary images quickly and concisely which means less time for your pet on the xray table.  With digital radiographs we can easily transfer the images to your pet’s electronic medical file, or send them to a specialist for more interpretation.  Going digital has also allowed us to continue our practice wide initiative of environmental awareness by eliminating our need for chemical processors!