Nutrition Programs and Weight Counselling

An overweight pet is an unhealthy pet! Even though it may be cute, that extra weight your cat or dog is carrying around can have severe health effects on your pet, including liver and kidney disease, bone abnormalities, heart disease, dental disease, diabetes and shortened life span.

We have designed a specialized weight loss program that can be entirely personalized to fit your pet. Based on your pets breed, life stage, body condition score and lifestyle we can determine the best diet and feeding schedule to suit the daily caloric needs of your pet. Together with an exercise plan and proper nutrition we will help you meet the weight goals for your pet in a fun and rewarding program.

We don’t believe that you should be alone in this endeavour, so we have created a system of follow-ups to track progress and help you along the way! Free weigh in visits and counselling sessions help you and your pet to reach your goals while under the direction of your veterinarian.

Please contact our Registered Veterinary Technicians, to set up an individualized weight loss program for your pet. We are offering this weight loss program free of charge to our active clients because we feel so strongly that proper nutrition and body condition scoring are integral to your pet’s happiness and overall health.