Laser Therapy/ Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation

Muskoka Animal Hospital is pleased to announce the addition of the Companion Therapy Laser® to our practice. We are the first Veterinary practice in the region to add the Companion therapeutic laser. With the addition of the laser, companion animals will receive instant relief of pain, inflammation and swelling associated with soft tissue injuries, trauma, surgery and chronic everyday disorders. A relatively new branch of medicine, the Class IV laser delivers a large amount of light energy into the companion’s body. When it interacts with damaged cells, healing is accelerated and pain virtually eliminated. As our best friends age, recover from trauma or surgery, or simply need relief from everyday aches and pains, this advanced technology offers drug free, surgery free pain relief.

These Are Some Of The Disorders That Respond Well To Laser Therapy:

  • Arthritis

  • Degenerative Joint Disease

  • Post-Surgical

  • Pain Relief Wound Healing

  • Numerous Skin Conditions

  • Lacerations and Abrasions

  • Otitis

  • Hip Dysplasia

  • Cystitis and many more….

Therapeutic Laser has been a wonderful additon to our Rehabilitation program for patients diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and those recovering from Orthopaedic Surgeries such as Cruciate repair, Patellar Luxation surgery or Fracture repair and Neurological illnesses.  Working together with  our specially trained  Osteoarthritis Case Manager and Rehab RVT , we will coach you and your pet in weight management , pain management and  Nutritional care to faciliate a speedy and comfortable recovery. A  physical therapy program will be designed for your pet’s specific needs. It will include stretching, range of motion exercises and physical exercises to improve strength and movement that can be done with simple equipment at your home.  Exercises are introduced in a step by tep process to build on your pet’s progress.

Our Rehabilitation Program involves an initial  consult and program design appointment and a few follow up visits to evalutate how your pet is doing and make any necessary program adjustments to ensure optimal results. Please call to schedule a consultation if you feel  your pet may benefit from our Rehabilitation Program.kane physio