Laser Declaw

Declawing our feline companions is sometimes necessary if regular nail trims are not sufficient in curtailing destructive behaviours in the home such as furniture and wall scratching or if physical contact with children or owners is difficult due to scratching. Most owners elect for declaw of the two front feet, leaving the cat with some ability to defend itself if necessary.

Traditionally, declaw surgeries can be very painful for the patients.

At Muskoka Animal Hospital Laser Surgery has become the Standard of Care for this procedure because of the obvious benefits for pain management, bleeding control and comfort and recovery. We are proud to offer this level of care to our patients. Traditionally cats undergoing declaw require nerve blocks and pain medications as well as cumbersome bandages due to blood loss. Cats do not tolerate either of these well. Laser technique eliminates the need for bandaging and overnight stays. Laser uses a beam of light to accomplish the incision work and as the beam of light passes through the tissues, it virtually seals the nerve endings and blood vessels.  This means a much more comfortable surgery for your pet with no bleeding and no pain.  Your pet will go home with special kitty litter for the first week post-surgery to prevent infection from clumping style and clay litters. Please call us to find out if this procedure is right for your cat.