General Anesthesia

Scheduling surgery or dental work for your pet can be a scary proposition. Every procedure carries some measure of risk, so it’s tough to think about your loved ones under anesthesia. If your pet is undergoing a general anesthesia procedure at Muskoka Animal Hospital, you can be assured that our well trained professional staff take every precaution to ensure the safety of your pet.

Prior to anesthesia , patients are screened for health risks with a physical examination by the surgeon and all patients undergoing surgical procedures have blood work done to determine the health of internal organs such as liver and kidney and interpret their ability to filter anesthetic gases. The results of their screening determine the protocol that the surgeon and anesthetic team will use for your individual pet.

Most general anesthetic procedures involve several steps beginning with the administration of a sedative to relax your pet . An intravenous injection of an anesthetic sends your pet into a peaceful dreamy sleep while a breathing tube is placed into the animal’s trachea. A gas anesthetic is delivered in combination with oxygen to the animal via the breathing tube to maintain the state of unconsciousness throughout the procedure. During the entire time of anesthesia, our Registered Veterinary Techninicans are monitoring your pet’s heart rate, body temperature, respiratory rate, expired gases and oxygen levels . The data is recorded and electronically becomes part of your pet’s medical history. Our anesthetic protocols are always being reviewed and upgraded to provide the safest and most effective delivery of anesthesia.

Once the procedure is completed , the sedation is reversed and the breathing tubes are removed as your pet begins to recover. Your pet is supervised and tracked by a Registerd Veterinary Technician to ensure they are capable of breathing and swallowing on their own and that their body temperature and heart rate remain normal during the recovery period.

When your pet is undergoing an anesthetic procedure we know you are anxiously waiting to hear how he/she is doing. We are quick to give you a phone call or text message if preferred, to let you know that the procedure is complete and your pet is resting comfortably.