Euthanasia and After Care Services

At Muskoka Animal Hospital it is our privilege to partner with you in the healthcare of your pet through all life stages from puppy hood to end of life.  Saying goodbye to our loved ones is never easy. At Muskoka Animal Hospital we make a point of helping you through the entire process of saying goodbye when that time comes. By using our Comfort Room, a more home like area of our hospital, you are given all the time and privacy you need during your last moments here together. Euthanasia  is scheduled during the quieter time of day at our clinic and we have a dedicated staff member available to help you through the process during your appointment.

We are happy to look after aftercare arrangements to suit your needs and wishes. Communal and Private Cremation is available through our service provider Gateway Pet Memorials. Some clients prefer a home or cottage burial, and we will provide you with an appropriate burial casket for transfer from the clinic.

Coping with pet loss is a difficult thing for grieving pet owners. We have resources available to help you through the process and we would be pleased to direct you to Pet Loss Support Counsellors through the Ontario Veterinary College Pet Trust Program.