Diagnostic Laboratory

Our Veterinarians work together with our Registered Veterinary Technicians to complete blood, urine, and other interpretive test in our on site laboratory. Our fully equipped lab allows us to perform many tests expediting the treatment and relief for your pet!

Why Are Blood Tests Important?

Blood work is a simple and inexpensive way to help us monitor your pet’s health in areas we cannot see during an external examination. At Muskoka Animal Hospital we see everyday the benefits of routine blood work as part of your pet’s Preventive Care Exam.                                Blood screening helps us to detect underlying disease, or disease processes, that may be present in your pets that are not detectable with a general physical exam.                                                                                                                                                                         Blood testing helps us to ensure that organ function, particularly liver and kidney function is adequate to filter and breakdown the medications and/or anesthetics used with your pet during treatment or surgery.  Routine blood testing acts as a baseline for future reference if blood work is again indicated- such as with changes to health status, future surgeries, monitoring of disease and long term medication use)

Pre anaesthetic blood testing allows us to eliminate some of the risks associated with anaesthesia by tailoring our protocols to your pet’s needs based on his/her metabolic profile.


Most blood and urine testing is completed and reported back to you on the same day. We understand that you are anxious to hear the results of your pet’s diagnostic testing !. We are capable of culturing bacteria right in our lab so that we can prescribe the most effective medications to treat your pet’s infection quickly and safely. Ask our technicians to show you our lab during your next visit!