May 31 2017

Time to begin your Summer Parasite Prevention – how to choose!

Tomorrow is June 1st and that is the day pet owners resume their parasite prevention with their pets for the summer and fall months.

Traditionally, the big major parasites we think about in the spring would be heartworms, fleas, and ticks and intestinal parasites . However, the Muskoka region has noticed a significant increase in the last few years of the incidence of ticks and tick borne illness and our veterinarians have shifted their protocols for prescribing parasite prevention to our clients and patients. There are many products on the market and it can be confusing trying to figure out what method of prevention is right for your pet. Our veterinarians prescribe parasite preventions based on a risk assessment for your individual pet. An apartment dwelling Shih-tzu may have a different risk assessment than a Labrador Retriever who enjoys camping and hiking activities . Some dogs tolerate a topical product better than an oral one.
After consulting with you about your pet’s lifestyle a product can be deterimined that will give you and your pet the best protection against internal and external parasites .

Veterinarians caution pet owners to refrain from using over the counter parasite products. While these retail store products may work effectively, they should be used with caution because overdose can be dangerous and some products may not agree with the pet’s skin. Retail products often contain harsh insecticides that can actually be toxic to pets.
Prescription medications , on the other hand address the pet’s unique needs. The vet will prescribe these medications only after carefully evaluating the pet’s risks, current weight and dosage . Prescription parasite preventions also are backed by scientiific data and research and we are able to get you support immediately should an unforeseen reaction occur.

Parasite prevention is becoming easier and easier with the advent of new flavour tabs that provide up to 12 weeks prevention with one dose and topical products that are easily applied and protect against several parasites at once. There is no reason for pets to suffer with flea infestations or live with the serious disease that many of these parasites cause. Please call if you have any questions or concerns regarding your pet’s parasite prevention program or to secure your product for pick up.

As with all of our medications dispensed, we are required by the College of Veterinarians to have a current veterinary client-patient relationship prior to prescribing medications, so if your pet has been a patient in to see our veterinarians in the past year we would be happy to refill your prescription for parasite prevention. If we have not had the opportunity to meet your pet , or you’ve been unable to visit lately, we’d love to schedule an appointment to help your pet get back on track and enjoy a pest free summer!

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