Muskoka Animal Hospital – our clinic philosophy: 12901390_10154000759024019_3724401527321345940_o

Muskoka Animal Hospital has been serving the people and pets of Muskoka since May 2005. We believe that planning for your pet’s wellness rather than illness is one of the fundamental roles that a veterinary hospital should fill.  Good health doesn’t just happen! It takes excellent nutrition, regular exercise , and lots of love-things you already provide as a dedicated pet owner.

It also involves us as your Veterinary Professionals through:

  • Prevention of disease through a thoughtfully planned vaccination program based on your pet’s lifestyle and lifestage.
  • A comprehensive physical exam at least once a year
  • Detection and management of weight issues before they become a health problem
  • Maintenance of oral health with advice and training on effective home dental care and timely professional treatment if dental disease develops
  • Planned wellness testing throughout all lifestages to screen for common diseases before problems arise and at a time when intervention is most successful
  • Regular parasite prevention programs to keep your pet and family pest free all year long
  • Prevention and management of osteoarthritis , a disease that robs so many pets of their golden years.

Active clients of Muskoka Animal Hospital enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they are not alone in the healthcare of their pets. We are here to nurture and extend the loving bonds they have made with their furry companions.


accreditation-emblem copyOur Hospital has been accredited by the College of Veterinarians for Ontario, our licensing organization.

This involves regular onsite inspections of our premises. This inspection includes specific standards for patient care, record keeping, equipment requirements, pharmacy controls, library and sanitation as well as continuing education requirements for our team.