Microchip Pet Identification


For animal lovers, there’s no worse feeling than losing your pet.

Tattoos are difficult to read, and tags fall off.

33% of pets will get lost at least once in their lifetime. Microchip pet identification helps lost pets be re-united with their owners.

A tiny microchip (about the size of a large grain of rice) is painlessly injected under the loose skin between your pet’s shoulder blades just like a vaccine. The microchip’s unique number and the important information about you and your pet are entered into a national registry. If your pet is lost, scanners at animal shelters or veterinary clinics can read the microchip ID number across Canada. These shelters and clinics routinely scan all stray pets for microchips. When a chip is detected, the registry will identify you as the rightful owner and you will be contacted immediately.

The microchip is made from biocompatible material and is completely safe. We highly recommend microchipping your pet and would be happy to look after microchipping and registration of the chip for you at your next visit.