Wellness Plans

If your pet comes to us for its Annual Medical Examination it is already on the Muskoka Animal Hospital Wellness Plan. Our Wellness Plan has been developed as an approach to preventing illness and diagnosing and treating disease early, when treatment is most successful. Your annual visit starts with a discussion with you, the pet owner. You will be given the opportunity to discuss with our doctor any concerns or questions you may have regarding your pets development, dental health , nutrition, behaviour, parasite prevention plan and overall health. Vaccines will be discussed with you and administered on a schedule that takes into account your pet's lifestyle, lifestage and risk assessment. A comprehensive, head to tail physical examination is completed and a detailed report card after each visit is provided and discussed with you. Medical screening tests that become due will be explained so that you know what we are testing and why, and all results will be reported back to you promptly. Active clients enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they are not alone in the healthcare of their pets. We are here to help nurture and extend the loving bonds that they have made with their furry companions.

  • PuppyWellness

    Puppy Wellness

    Our puppy wellness program is designed to offer you and your new puppy a great start in your new life together.  Our puppy wellness program begins at 6-8 weeks of age…

  • KittenWellness

    Kitten Wellness

    Our kitten wellness program is designed to offer your new kitten all the benefits of veterinary services available to him or her from 6 weeks of age to 12 weeks…

  • AdultPetWellness

    Adult Pet Wellness

    A pet in adult years, between 1-8 years of life, can be the picture of health! However, an annual physical and dental examination is still very important. These yearly visits…

  • SeniorPetWellness

    Senior Pet Wellness

      With all the advances of medicine, our dogs and cats are living longer, healthier lives.  As your dog or cat ages, you can have your pet checked for early…